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    Case3D™ offers solutions to meet the demands of a small mom & pop shop to the Enterprise customer. Our machines are easy to operate and will deliver consistent results that will keep your customers coming back.

    Case3d™ machines are built to last and come with an unprecedented 1-year parts & labor warranty*.

    Features of Case3D™ 6UP™


    • 6 Custom cases in as little as 90 seconds (review capacity chart below)
    • Operate with just a single button
    • Quiet, making it great for retailers & kiosk users
    • Train operators in minutes
    • Return on investment in days
    • 1 Year parts & labor warranty

    Purchase a Case3D Revolutionary Machine

    Create A High-Quality Case in 4 Easy Steps

    1. Choose an image
    2. Print the image
    3. Place the image
    4. Push the start button


    Dimensions Width: 27.5in/70cm
    Depth: 23.5in/60cm
    Height: 14in/34.5cm
    Weght: 110lbs/50Kg
    Electrical Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
    Current: 11A at 230V
    Max Power: 1.2kW
    NEMA L6 Plug
    Vacuum Pump Built-in
    Jigs Quick change, lock in
    Decoration time 90-180s
    Time to first transfer <20mins
    Operating ambient temperature 59-86F/15-30C
    Film Size 12.6 x 25.6in/32 x 65cm